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White, Pink and a splash of Gold

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Blog by Katie Kertesz | November 6th, 2017

Frankie's Nursery

I've been meaning to share my nursery I started to put together for my daughter when she was still growing in my tummy. 15 Months later, I'm finally finished with the final touches. I'm really proud of the space and think it’s worth the share.

When I found out I was having a little girl, I remember telling my mom, I didn't want to have my little girls room ALL PINK or have her wear all these pink clothes. And how I'm going to ONLY have her wear all the neutral colours. Little did I know, pink is so fricken cute on a baby girl - I just had/have to have Pink included in all aspects of Frankie's world! 

For Nursery inspiration, I obviously went where anyone else would for ideas: Pinterest. I collected a bunch of pins. I knew I wanted to have clean and simple. I decided to keep the walls and Crib WHITE and add touches of soft Pink and Gold accents. The next hard decision was the art work. I found this simple pink Water colour painting on pinterest (looked like a big puddle of pink in a balayage technique) that hung above a crib and I wanted it for my nursery - however couldn't find where to buy, So the next obvious step for me was to re-create myself. 

8hand-foot print paintings.jpg

 I started youtubing Water Colours 101 and started painting. I   tried to re-create the painting I found but just couldn't replicate   what I found online. Instead I painted some animals using soft/pastel colours that would liven up her nursery. I was   actually   impressed with myself considering I haven't painted   since, kindergarten! The paintings weren't perfect but neither is art, right? It’s all in the eye of the beholder.  My clean and simple turned into a little more Fun and a little bit "Extra" :) 


I painted a Unicorn - (obviously a unicorn - it’s only the trendiest animal at the moment), an elephant, a flamingo, and a Pineapple. When Frankie was 9 and 11 months old we also added her hand and foot prints in paint as well. I also framed these images and hung them in her room for keep sakes. It's a nice little detail that I'm sure she will appreciate when she’s a little older.                                                                                                                        

 6flamingo painting.jpg
11elephant painting.jpg                   

The other feature that I absolutely adore in her room is her little reading corner. I knew I had to have one in my nursery. My little girl absolutely loves her books and reads them all the time (well more like, looks and points vigorously at the pictures shouting "ou ou"!). This was a great addition to her room and I love the look of the books facing outwards rather than stacked up right, side-by-side. Way easier for my little one to see what's there and point too! I added a champagne coloured ottoman as another gold accent piece and I also found this super cute white rocking lamb. It has a light pink ribbon around its neck which was absolutely perfect in keeping with my colour scheme - I had to buy it! I found these two items at HomeSense.

13 door view.jpg
9frankie reading with sheep.jpg


I added these cool star string lights I found at Ikea and hung them around her window for some extra fun and colour in her bedroom – they are a soft and pastel colour that twinkle randomly. As i mentioned earlier, my original goal was to keep her nursery super sim
ple and within the colour guidelines (white, pink and gold) I set out but that was my thinking prior to baby. After baby is here, all you want to do is have a fun space for your kid! Forget your serious adult pre-baby plan. This all changed as I was developing her room and getting to know my babes.  I love the extra colour, it adds some fun and sweetness her bedroom.

10nursery window view.jpg

The other custom piece I added to her bedroom is an old dresser my grama had. It's been in the family for a while so I thought that would be a nice piece to keep and add some extra years to it by using it as her change table. My husband striped it, sanded and painted it a soft pink (he's amazing by the way)

He also built the change station to fit the top of the dresser with an area for diapers, wipes and creams etc for lots of storage and organization. The change pad fits perfectly inside. I switched out the old dresser handles and added
new updated "champagne" (gold colour) handles and some glass knobs which finished it off perfectly.

4top of dresser.jpg


I found a few other gold accents and added them to her dresser top and wall. I added long Pink hanging curtains for that added pink punch to the room.I found this super trendy foam matt on amazon - it so happened to have all the right colours for Frankie's nursery. It is the perfect addition to the floor space instead of an area carpet. The other small detail i love, is the white Fur matt infront

1crib shot with gold accents.jpg12Floor matt & crib shot.jpg


I'm totally in love with her room. Frankie is growing so fast...I can't wait (yes I can) to design her next "Big girl room". Maybe in a year or two...I'm still really enjoying this one :)

I hope you like it too!

3reading corner and dresser.jpg

                            Frankie's reading corner

12Floor matt & crib shot.jpg