About Katie

Hello! Thank you for visiting HireKatie.com! I’m Katie Kertesz, Realtor® with Remax Twin City. Before I get into my Business background I thought maybe I would share with you a little about me as it’s always nice to get some insight on who you are hiring!

First and foremost, I am mother to the most wonderful little human, the light of my life and joy to my world, my Daughter Frankie. She’s brought a whole new meaning to my world and couldn’t be prouder to be her mom. Frankie is the most inquisitive, smart, and funniest little girl whose smile will light up any room! I am also married to the sweetest, most hardworking man, my high school sweet Heart Jimmy. Together we’ve accomplished a lot. Jimmy is my encouragement and motivation to push me to my limits to achieve my goals both personal and business. He’s my strongest supporter and I love him for that! Together we have Frankie and our golden doodle, Levi. Levi is 85lbs of pure love and straight goof ball! We currently reside in Cambridge. I have lived in Cambridge since I was 7 years old. 

DSC_0241 (2).JPGCambridge is my “hood” as like to say (haha) I pride myself on knowing every nook and cranny! In my spare time I love to hang out with my family. We love to travel, we hike, visit the many beaches of Ontario in the summer and hibernate all winter! (lol) Definitely not my favorite season. Our near future goal is to find a property on a few acres just outside the city limits and have a few chickens maybe a goat and live a simple life (will that be a reality, being such a city girl? Time will tell). 

After High school I wasn’t sure exactly what direction I wanted to take so my mother encouraged me to get my Real Estate license. My mom is also in the business so I was exposed to the world of Real Estate at a very early age. I spent my younger days in her real estate office, as her “personal assistant” etc so it only made sense to dive into it. Off I went, straight out of high school I accomplished my Real Estate License! I was 19, and still lived with my parents, now what? I went to College for Business. After that, to gain some independence I joined a busy real estate team and gained a ton of experience right off the hop. About 4 years later I went on my own to establish my own brand, HireKatie.com and have surpassed year after year meeting and exceeding my business goals.

My strengths and success in Real Estate c
an be credited to my un-failing commitment to every client I work with and determination to provide my clients with top notch professional service. I’m young, passionate and a proactive Realtor® who is on top of the market. I can’t just sit back, I’m always looking for the next best way to market homes, learning about the latest technologies to deliver back to my clients. Times are changing and so is the way of Real Estate. I’m redefining the process for a more convenient and stress free process by using the latest technologies and delivering FULL quality service (no skimping here). On top of that, negotiating now since 2006, implementing the strategies I’ve learned over the years from all kinds of markets (busy real estate markets, slow, the “crash of 2008”, the mediocre, the extreme HOT,  back to balanced, etc). I’m trustworthy and honest. But please don’t take that for passive and non-aggressive. I ensure my clients get what they deserve on both the buying and selling ends of our negotiations. Your satisfaction is important to me and in the end a happy client is a success story to add to my portfolio!

As your Seller’s agent, I’m here to guide you through the process, walk through your home, prepare it for sale whatever it maybe. I offer you home staging, professional photos, video tours and unprecedented social media marketing that gets your home noticed. These are just some of the tools I offer to assist in selling your home. 9 out of 10 buyers are online now-a-days and their expectations are high. Preparing it and exposing it to the world the right way the first time is extremely important. I’ve got you covered! 


As your buying agent, l listen to your needs and wants, walk through the homes of interest with you, learn what you really like and dislike (there’s a saying in real estate that “buyers are liars” - Once you actually view some properties, your needs and wants list drastically change after seeing and feeling out the homes!) and I give you honest feedback. I take the approach as if I were buying this home for my family, and ask myself “would I purchase this home?” I also take a look at the resale-ability of this home (after all if I’m your Realtor now, I hope to be reselling it for you when you’re ready to make another move eventually). Will I be able to re-sell this in a couple of years for you? Will it increase in value? Are there any negatives in the area that will hinder the neighbourhood growth and value? I pull up all the recent and relevant sales in the neighbourhood and make sure that we understand the values and are not over paying for a property. I offer exceptional negotiation skills when it comes to the contract.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell I’m with you every step of the way, I hope to hear from you.