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Health and safety remain paramount. When you list your home with us, rest assured we have safe selling protocols in place for the duration of your listing/buying process. 

We also have contactless options during the real estate process.

These are some of the contactless services we offer below. Please get in touch with us for a full break down on how we are handling our services as we move forward during this time.

  • Meet with me virtually / home evaluations
  • Market watch report
  • Virtual calls and screen sharing for presentations of information, offer review
  • Virtual floor plans, 360 views of property plus video and professional still photos
  • Qualifying buyer prior to any showing
  • Digital booklets about your property for buyer
  • Extensive online marketing (as per usual)
  • Digital signatures
  • Safety first checklist for seller
  • Questionnaire to qualify and determine high risk buyers prior to home visit
  • Seller E-guide - steps to prepare your home during COVID-19
  • Virtual floor plans
  • Virtual open houses

  • Meet with me virtually/ discuss needs and wants in your next home
  • Market watch reports - what is the market doing currently
  • Home searches and comparables emailed to you and discussed over a call
  • Virtual calls and screen sharing
  • Live facetime calls for virtual showings
  • Safe showings, social distancing, masks and hand sanitizer provided
  • Digital signatures
  • Digital home inspections
  • E-transfers for deposits on purchases

Please note that as information/health updates come available, this list maybe altered/updated. June 2, 2020